Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice


Codependency is a stealthy monster. It presents as compassion, loyalty, caring, and comfort but all it does is drain the person suffering from it by sacrificing their needs for everyone else’s. I treat codependency by holistic improvement across all areas of the self, with a special focus on self-compassion and self-care. In counseling we will assess your relationships, set boundaries, establish assertiveness, and maintain respect.

Men’s Issues

Celebrate being a man. Celebrate masculinity and the traits of manhood that make you a better person, and makes the world a better place by having you in it. Maybe you don’t know what those are, maybe you don’t have any good models for them, maybe you’ve experienced so many contradictory definitions of what being a “man” is that you have no idea where to start. I help men through challenging personal exploration. Together we can uncover and practice true, mature masculinity to face the variety of issues that are unique to men and bring you closer to your ideal self.


Sex is a wonderful, natural act that provides pleasure, health, and connection. Yet many people do not get the information they need to be fully satisfied with their sex life, to make good sex even better, or to address concerns that naturally occur across the lifespan. As a sex-positive counselor I am open, non-judgmental, and committed to continually learning about human sexuality and the spectrum of relationships. I know that sexual expressions and experiences are incredibly diverse. I am a Kink Aware Professional with knowledge of lifestyles and practices, including BDSM, professional sex work, polyamory, swinging, DDLG.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a fear of situations that involve interactions with others. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems in any population. I treat social anxiety in several ways including exposure to social situations, practicing social cues, developing competence in social interaction, and exploring in-depth the origins this problem. 


Military service members experience unique challenges across all areas of life. While service can bring honor and purpose, the extremes and transitions from military service can leave you with mental wounds and make it hard to cope.  You may be called upon to capture an enemy position while people are trying their best to kill you. You may have to stay awake for fifty hours or more because that is what your mission requires. You may be removed from all the comforts of modern civilization for months at a time. All of your worldly possessions may fit inside of two duffel bags and a footlocker. You are ready to move halfway across the planet at any given time.  The people you feel are the closest to you disappear due to deployments, transfers, or their end of time in service. Or you are the one who disappears, moving from place to place, unable to settle down or connect. 

I help veterans and current service members adjust their mindsets and behaviors based on their specific needs and experiences.  Whether you are experiencing the extremes of Traumatic Stress, or would just like to work on making your transitions easier, know that I am ready to help you.  

I am a member of Veterans Counseling Veterans, a nonprofit dedicated to the goal of Taking Care of Our Own. VCV provides a place for military veterans and spouses of military veterans in the behavioral health profession to collaborate, share, and grow in the field of behavioral health.